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Tool for unlocking restricted devices

Free IMEI SIM Unlock Code is a small freemium communication tool used to unlock IMEI network restrictions on your mobile device. It works by disabling the restrictions or blocked status to the unique IMEI assigned to your device. As an all-around tool, it lets you check the IMEI status of a device or request for an unlock. The app even helps you recall your IMEI number using the standard SSID.

With a straightforward application and an intuitive app layout, Free IMEI SIM Unlock Code is a good app even for non-technical users. It works similarly to Mobile IMEI Unlock.

Can I unlock my phone with an IMEI number for free?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is a unique number code assigned to your device. This particular piece of information serves as the background for the services offered by the Free IMEI SIM Unlock Code app. The app lets you unlock a banned, closed, or restricted SIM card. The app even offers separate dedicated tools for unlocking Android and iOS devices.

The main feature of this app is its free IMEI unlock, which is also the only free service available. After choosing this option, you only need to fill in the required details about the device, such as the country, manufacturer, network, and phone model. It even shows the USSD code for checking your IMEI number, which is done by typing “*#06#” on your device. 

Of course, other features such as the SIM Card Unlock require payment. You basically put in an order and pay using PayPal or a banking card. Once submitted, you can track its status on the Order Status tab. The app also offers an FAQ section, although this is intermittently unavailable, the same with the Free Unlock tools for Android and iOS devices.

A partially working tool

If you’re planning to turn your phone into an open line or recover a locked device, Free IMEI SIM Unlock Code is a good tool to check out. Its main and consistently working feature is its ability to unlock IMEI restrictions, presented in a user-friendly manner. Its other features, however, can be off-putting, since they are either paywalled, intermittently unavailable, or both.


  • Intuitive app layout
  • Offers various IMEI and SIM tools


  • Most features are hidden behind a paywall
  • Other services are intermittently unavailable

Program available in other languages

User reviews about Free IMEI SIM Unlock Code

  • Aaron Harrington

    by Aaron Harrington

    another bunch of fukn con artists claiming it's free but requires your credit card information? you guys are just like the rest of these liars and thieves. advertises as free then requires payment info, more bullshit from more bullshitters period.


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